PubTech Consulting Limited is Trilogy's North American Premium Partner.

PubTech Consulting is the premium partner for sales, system implementation and support of Trilogy Software Solutions in North America.

Trilogy Group and PubTech Consulting provides a unique blend of publishing solutions and information technology experience within the publishing industry. Trilogy has over twenty-five years experience in providing software solutions to the publishing industry. PubTech has a combined twenty-five years of experience implementing and supporting software solutions for some of the world’s largest publishers.

Trilogy’s Enterprise Systems offers a full range of software which addresses all functional areas, including; Production, Sales, Marketing, Continuities, Customer Care, Royalties and Distribution.

Since 1985, Trilogy Group has been a publishing solutions provider that delivers innovative IT systems and services. Trilogy has successfully implemented over 75 complex ERP software solutions for publishers worldwide.

PubTech's senior implementation staff has 50 years of combined software development and full life cycle software implementation experience exclusively in the publishing industry. Our consultants have managed software implementations, system support and services for some of the largest publishers in the world including HarperCollins, Wolters Kluwer, Reed Elsevier, Macmillan (formerly Von Holtzbrinck Publishing), and Lexis Nexis.

Trilogy Publishing Manager has been developed using current state of the art Microsoft technology. Microsoft .NET and SQL Server software is the latest computing technology. Microsoft .NET and SQL Server ensures easy interfacing to clients existing partners and third party systems.

A live demonstration of the software is where the true appreciation of the Trilogy software and its use of Microsoft technology and functionality can be fully realized. The Trilogy system will significantly eliminate many of your company's current process steps. This will result in a high ROI on your company's initial investment of Trilogy through streamlined processes and increased productivity. With Trilogy’s state of the art technology and full scalability, the Trilogy system will handle your company's current and future growth and ever changing requirements for years into the future.