Editorial Management

Trilogy has designed a powerful solution for editors to provide easy access to information concerning existing and planned titles. An editor can access a detailed sales analysis view of any existing product to assist in the planning for new product. Editors data is maintained in a company wide database providing immediate and common information to all ulfillmen users. Some data can still be maintained in spreadsheets, but access to these is controlled via the database records concerned, so ensuring a structured approach to the use of spreadsheets. There are up to 350 fields of information describing a title and its ‘child’ editions, more than enough for most users. Many of these are ONIX driven. Trilogy supports the use of ONIX tables to control data values, and as a result ONIX output to third party patners is dramatically simplified. Output from the system is predominantly to screen displays to reduce the need for printing, but if required, all list details can be exported to excel, reported on by Crystal Reports, an industry wide reporting tool or output to mail merge processes for letter output.

For more information, please contact Dennis Butler at 1-888-269-0535 or email info@TrilogyNorthAmerica.com or visit www.trilogynorthamerica.com